Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Lighting a Coleman Stove

Here is a video of my son demonstrating how to light a Coleman stove.  It really does not make sense to try to explain it in words - just watch the video.  At the time this was shot about 4 and a half years ago, this was my first and only Coleman stove - acquired off kijiji for $50 and in mint condition in spite of its age of about 50 years.

Since then I've acquired 8 or 9 of them not one of which cost more the 50 Canuck bucks - most cost me 20 bucks.  I've started learning how to maintain and refurbish them, so stay tuned for more Coleman videos.

I got attracted to white gas stoves because of their robustness, and suitability even at colder temperatures.  Though this does come with a pricetag of requiring more maintenance.  There are a fair number of parts in one of these, and they have to be disassembled and cleaned every few years if you want to keep them running smoothly.

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