Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Welcome to My New Blog!

It has been a few years since I took my old Urban Hippy blog offline because it just became too cumbersome to manage the security around running my own server and blog software.  I do that stuff in my day job and it was really sucking the fun out of maintaining my blog because I always had to worry about upgrades to patch security bugs, making sure my backups were running, and all that other stuff.  It just became too much like work.  I have a lot of great material from that other blog saved and I do intend to start rolling the best of it back out in this new incarnation.  Actually most of it is also stored in the Wayback Machine as you can see in the hotlink above.

I really enjoy writing about the things I enjoy doing in my spare time, like camping, cooking, preserving foods, and even a little bit of geekery, and I finally decided to move it all over to someone else's software - i.e. Google Blogger.  I'm already all-in with google, and I use blogger in my volunteer work as a Scout Leader and found it to have the vast majority of the features I need.  The only major feature lacking is the ability to back-date articles, which is what I would like to be able to do when feeding in material from my old blog.  Other than that I will be very well served on this platform.

I guess the next obvious question is why did I give up on the Urban Hippy name?  Basically because that was an ill-thought-out pseudonym to begin with.  When I originally checked the availability of the name for a new gmail account, it was already taken so I had to go with hippy.urban instead of urban.hippy.  That alone should have been enough to tell me that I should have gone searching for something else, but alas I did not.  That combined with the fact that there are an awful lot of Urban Hippy and Urban Hippie users out there on the internet!  Over time I became less attached to the name and persona.

This time around I only really spent about a day-and-a-half looking for a new name, and with the help of my wife and a good friend I landed upon this one pretty quickly.  I like it because it really does not say much about this site or what you might expect to find here, so it leaves me a lot of freedom.  Bluenose is of course a name given to a person from Nova Scotia - which I am!  Even though I now live in Ontario I am definitely a Bluenoser to the core!  And Hoser is a word for "Canadian" that was popularized by the fictional characters Bob and Doug McKenzie.  So really this new name just says that I'm a Canadian Guy from Nova Scotia.   I also like the name because it is a little big redneck, and I am also a little bit redneck :-)

So please stay tuned.  Make sure to click through to one of the videos and subscribe to the Youtube Channel.  I'll be continuing on with much the same sort of thing as my old blog.

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Welcome to My New Blog!